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Nepa Crafts | Brand with a mission

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I had the pleasure to work with this authentic, amazing company based in Nepal that creates handcrafted products, starting from jewellery to Buddha statues.

The reason why I wanted to work with this company is that their mission is empowering women creation, uplifting the lives of local Nepalese & Tibetan artisans and promoting their creation across the globe :)

All products you can find on their website

Nepacrafts has always believed in Fair Traded business practice hence they not only create opportunities of better jobs and promotions of products but also aspire to elevate the living standards of local Nepalese artisans and help their kids go to school for their better future.

They are strictly against the use of chemicals and toxic materials which is not only bad for the environment but also to artisans. They take health factor and workspace safety very seriously.

NepaCrafts is committed to gender equality and women empowerment. As said before, their company mission is "Development of Small and Cottage Enterprise: Women Creation, we work with small cottage enterprises giving them enough financial support to start the work and to sustain and flourish their craftsmanship."

Gender equality has been a backbone of their trading practice. Equal pay is another important factor. They believe that both men and women must be empowered together in various fields to make sure that the chariot of life moves prosperously.

They also educate their artisans towards fair trade practice so that when they work with other buyers, they can demand a pay which is on par with fair trade. They believe that equal work should be paid equally.

I love the idea behind the business and how positively they affect local peoples lives! Their products are amazing and easy to order. I have several bracelets, winter accessories and blankets from NepaCraft :)


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