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Sahara Desert | Merzouga | Morocco

Planning an unforgettable trip to the Sahara Desert via Morocco?

You have come to the right place. I will cover the best ways how to get to the Sahara Desert, unique things to do during your stay, and also will share with you some amazing Merzouga Desert camps to stay at!


The Sahara experience is something any true traveler needs to do in their lives at least once. Why? You will see the most beautiful sky full of stars and even the Milky Way as you are in the middle of nowhere. You meet a completely new culture of nomads, people who travel from place to place and never settle. You feel the real desert sand under your feet while hiking around dunes with nothing around you besides beautiful scenery and an unforgettable sunset.

How to get there?

Firstly you need to get to one of the big cities of Morocco. I chose Fes as my starting point but you will have options to get there from Marrakesh, Tangier, and other big cities too.

You have 3 options then. Either way, it will take at least 9 hours to get there. You can take a bus but it will only take you to Merzouga town. To your specific camp, you will need to organize a private transfer anyway (unless your camp/hotel offers it). You can rent a car and go there yourself. Just make sure you rent a 4x4 jeep as the final part of the trip will be actually going through the dunes to get to your camp. Or you can go with one of the agencies. They usually offer full service: transfer, accommodation, and activities in the Sahara. In every big city, you will find many companies offering these tours so you can leave planning to the last moment and just go with the agency you prefer.


I used Morocco Trips Sahara and I was very pleased. They picked us up in Fes by 4x4 jeep, took us to the camp, which was a 9h drive including stops at the most iconic places, booked the camp for us, made sure our trip was smooth, and ran without any problems.

Things to do in Sahara

One most magnificent things that I experienced in the Sahara was star-watching. I never had seen so many stars so clearly, even more, I saw the Milky Way and different constellations. It was just an indescribable experience, something you need to see for yourself. The best part is that you can experience it completely for free. It can get very cold at night, so before you settle in your star-watching spot, make sure you have a warm blanket with you or an appropriate outfit.

Quading through the dunes of the Sahara Desert was the most fun thing ever! It was so much fun! The guide who drove in front of us took us to amazing viewpoints while driving through exciting tracks and even took loads of videos of us while driving! I won't highlight one, as there are several quad companies on the main road that you can choose from. You can always ask for specific recommendations in your hotel/camp.

A very special experience was to meet the local people of the Sahara - Berbers. There are two types of them, the ones that stay in one place and nomads, people who travel from place to place all their lives. It was lovely to be welcomed into their family and home and see how they live. We learned a lot about them and life in the Sahara throughout the trip.

Best place to stay in Sahara

When embarking on a Sahara expedition, staying in a camp is a must. From basic accommodations to luxurious glamping, there's a wide range of options to suit every preference. There are also different types of hotels but they are on the side of the dunes. If you want to stay in the actual desert surrounded by dunes then a better choice will be a camp!

Here are some of the most amazing camps in the Merzouga Desert:

Here is a little glimpse into my Sahara Adventure:


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