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Things to do in Seville | Spain

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

In this article, you will find the best things to do in Seville!

Everything is simply beautiful everywhere you go, the city is immaculate and architecture, and public places are very well maintained. It's a pleasure to walk the streets of Seville. Not only is Seville incredibly beautiful, but it's full of culture and activities too. With over two million tourists visiting every year, Seville is one of Andalusia's most popular and beautiful destinations.

Everything you need to know about Seville!

1. Top things to do in Seville

2. Local Cousine

3. How to get around Seville

4. The Seville Fair

5. Skydiving Seville

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Top things to do in Seville

Plaza de Espana – This is personally my favorite place in Seville. A massive park with fascinating architecture. It is a landmark example of Regionalism Architecture, mixing elements of the Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival styles of Spanish architecture.

Cathedral de Seville – Located at the central point of Seville's old town, this stunning Cathedral meshes multiple architectural elements, creating a unique and massive building. As one of the world's largest churches and a UNESCO World Heritage site, you won't want to miss this memorable location. Guided tours are available from 33 Euro with an approximate one-hour duration.

La Giralda

La GiraldaLa Giralda is the Cathedral of Seville's bell tower and is arguably the city's best-known symbol. Constructed in 1568, it contains multiple sections built during different time periods. There are twenty-four bells, eighteen which turn around and six clapper style, giving it the highest bell count of any other cathedral in the world. Tours are open daily starting at 9 Euro, so make sure to check out this must-see attraction!

Las Setas de Sevilla – Located in the Old Quarter, Las Setas de Seville began as the first food market in Seville but is now an iconic wooden multi-level monument. Make sure to head up to the viewing platform for breathtaking views of the city and visit the antiquarian museum. Open daily at 9:30 am, tickets to the viewing platform and museum start at 5 Euro.

Alcazar Of Seville - With its foundation dating back to 913 AD, the Alcazar of Seville is a stunning palace full of history and exciting design. Stroll through the rich gardens, taking in the fountains and landscaping that mirror the court's Moorish roots and take in the towering domes and arches throughout the building. Tickets start at 17 Euro and include an audio tour that you can listen to at your own pace.

Flamenco Shows - Seville is famous for its flamenco shows and bars where you can get pulled into flamenco dancing even if you don't know how to dance. There are a lot of places offering flamenco shows if you want to try yourself. Flamenco bars where professionals provide free lessons are common, and you often see street dancers offering high-level performances on the street. The ideal place for watching, learning, and trying yourself is the Triana area on the other side of the river. For a list of the best flamenco bars and events around the city, click here.

Isla Magica Waterpark - For a day full of watery fun, visit the Isla Magica Waterpark. It's the ideal destination for kids and kids at heart, who love thrilling rides and relaxing by the pool. Open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm; admission starts at 24 Euro.

River Boat Cruise - View the beauty of Seville from the water on this hour-long River Boat Cruise. Traveling along the city's main waterway, you can experience Seville's history in a fun, unique way. Tickets start at 22 Euro with a morning or evening departure option.

Nightlife - Seville has fantastic nightlife for those who don't want the party to end! Check out the Casino Terraza for nightlong fun!

Pool Parties - For a party during the day make sure to check out some of the world-class pool bars offering parties all day long. One of my favorites is OCCO Ocean.

Local Cuisine

You can't miss the local cuisine in Seville's Old Town quaint restaurants. You'll want to get a taste of the local cuisine; there are so many delicious options available. Pork lover will adore Secreto ibérico & presa ibérica while veggie enthusiasts crave Espinacas con garbanzos. If you're in the mood for fare from the sea, you can't go wrong with Cazón en adobo and finish your meal with a sweet dessert, Torrijas. You'll want to stop by a few of the best restaurants in Seville that offer fresh, homemade local delicacies; you won't want to stop eating!

My personal favorites:

El Sella Triana - Known for its delicious local cuisine, El Sella Triana is one of Seville's best-kept secrets.

La Casapuerta - Known for their authentic Tapas, you can't miss the mouth-watering food at La Casapuerta.

Sacramento - For delicious food without the fuss, check out Sacramento's. Everything is cooked fresh with authentic favorites adored by tourists and locals alike.

How to get around Seville

Thanks to its fairly small size, there are multiple ways to enjoy Seville's beauty.

Walking - Walking is an excellent way to enjoy the architecture and history throughout the city. It only takes around twenty-five minutes to walk from one end of Seville to the other, which is why so many people choose to explore the city on foot.

Hop On, Hop Off Bus - The Hop On Hop Off Bus is a popular choice for tourists, as it allows you to travel freely, exiting and entering at will. Passes are available from 22 Euros for unlimited 24 or 48-hour access. You can utilize the instant ticket option on your smartphone, and each pass includes two free walking tours! The bus is wheelchair accessible and offers audio guides in fifteen language options.

Bike Rentals - Bike rentals are another excellent option and allow you to set your own pace. Available from 15 Euros, each rental includes a bike, lock, helmet, basket, and map and is open daily starting at 10:00 am.

Electric Bike Rentals: Electric bike rentals are a fun choice for those who enjoy faster-paced travel. Each rental includes an electric bike, lock, helmet, and map, and there are multiple size options to fit every member of the family. Available from 24 Euros for three hours.

Seville is one of the world's leading green energy cities.

The Seville Fair

Dating back to 1846, the Seville fair is one of the largest in the world. Every year, the fair is held for the two weeks following Easter and runs throughout the day and night, offering fun for everyone! Locals and tourists look forward to the fair, which offers rides, food, shows, and more! It is an absolutely incredible experience to be a part of this fair so I highly highly recommend visiting Seville while it is on. Also, spring is a great time to visit Seville because in summer it can get really hot.

Skydiving Seville

If you want to make special memories in Seville and you love extreme sports then why not do skydiving? Just a bit outside Seville you will find one of the best skydiving centers in the whole of Europe. More about it read in my Skydiving Spain article. Here is my jump:

A small peek into Seville:


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