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Beautiful Switzerland | Appenzell

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

In this blog article, you will find out more about the Appenzell district, things to do and see there, how to get to Appenzell and other interesting tips and information.

Appenzell really is as beautiful as a postcard… Maybe even better! This region is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been to!

Appenzell village is located in Appenzell Innerrhoden, the smallest Swiss canton. Located in the Northern part of Switzerland this district is famous for its rolling hills and many cows. Surrounded by Alpstein mountains this place offers incredible hiking trails in winter and summer.

1. What is Appenzell famous for?

2. Interesting Fact about Appenzell

3. How to get to Appenzell?

4. Video

What is Appenzell famous for?

I think firstly, the Appenzell district is very attractive to hikers. In total, the area offers 55km of trails. The best part is that there is a trail for everyone. You do not need to be a professional hiker to enjoy the beauty of Appenzell. You can find very pleasant and relaxing hikes around the lake that doesn’t require much durability or you can take on the challenge and take trails up to the top. Incredible views from the summit are guaranteed! If you don’t feel ready for a proper hike, you can always take one of the cable cars up. More about that you can find here:


If you are planning a hike around the area, please include Seealpsee Lake! The hike around it is incredibly beautiful. The atmosphere is just magic around it. You can take a dip in it, it is allowed, but I warn you, the water is very cold, even in the summer.

Appenzell district is great for hiking in summer and as there are not many ski slopes and the area. In general, it is not famous for being a winter skiing destination (surprisingly) it offers many great hiking routes in the winter too and the place is not crowded with winter sports tourists.

It is not only nature that is incredibly beautiful, but the town itself is also very pretty too. Every shop and cafe is decorated and has painted facades and cute little signs. The town is great for shopping and relaxing drink & food breaks.

Berggasthaus Aescher

One special place I have to highlight is the Berggasthaus Aescher hotel and restaurant. You have probably seen it on Instagram! It is situated in a very special place and is now a very famous landmark within the Appenzell mountain area. If you want to book your stay there, visit:

Appenzeller Cheese is well known among cheese lovers in Switzerland and the cheese-making culture is very strong in the area. I was amazed how during our hike we just saw this cute little cheese-making place in the middle of nowhere really, surrounded by hills and a few hikers. So it really showed me how strong the cheese-making culture is there. In the area, you will find a few places that offer masterclasses and excursions that show you how the cheese is made and, of course, degustations as well.

This explains the number of cows you can see in Appenzell. To produce all that cheese, you need them. This just shows how natural and special Appenzell cheese is because the farmers literally get it from the local cows that are just hay and grass-fed and have extremely good living conditions.

Interesting Fact about Appenzell

Interesting that the Appenzell district was the last one in Switzerland to allow women to vote! Women were forbidden to vote until the 1990s. Appenzell district has been very conservative for many years.

How to get to Appenzell?

If you do not have a car then the best next solution will train. The exact train line depends on your origin, of course, so you can check your options here:

For example, the train from Zurich goes every 30 minutes and will take you 90 minutes to get there.

Appenzell also is offered as one of the most popular day trips from Zurich, so you can use some of the day trip offers, that usually include transfer.

You can see my scenic hike in Appenzell in the video below. It also shows Zurich and St.Gallen.


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