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Hi, thanks for visiting my travel blog!


Who is behind Aliki Travel Blog?


I am an adventurous travel blogger constantly exploring new places and diving into different cultures. I am passionate about the outdoors, often including these activities in my adventures. Some of my favourites include hiking up peaks, kayaking through fjords, surfing waves, snowboarding the slopes of alpine mountains, and so much more. 


Originally from Riga, Latvia, I now travel the world documenting my trips on YouTube, here on my travel blog, and via social media. I definitely cannot stay in one place for too long. After high school, I worked and spent some time in Greece. Then during University, I spent an exchange semester in the South of Spain and for a few months, I lived in the Philippines while traveling South East Asia. In 2022 I embarked on a 6 months backpacking trip to South America after which followed another 6 months trip around Central America. After escaping winter in Albania, I am now ready for my European Summer!  


I started this travel blog 5 years ago as a hobby and it was a great way to keep up with my family and friends. I've loved traveling my whole life, and everyone knows me as "that girl who always goes places," so I wanted to start sharing insightful travel tips and recommendations with a larger audience. This little side project, blog, and brand have grown into my lifestyle. I cannot imagine my life without it anymore. This blog is a genuine reflection of myself, who I am, and I hope the videos and articles will inspire your next trip! 


Traveling truly is an eye-opening experience and I invite everyone to look further than the typical tourist routes and familiar hotels as there is so much more to see and do. This is the reason my blogs always try to offer more unheard of spots, routes less traveled, and activities to do. I also try to include facts and stories I pick up from the locals, as they always know the best. 


YouTube is the platform where you can find and where I first release ALL my videos. To not miss any of my latest videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Your subscription means the world to me as every sub and like helps me reach a greater audience. 

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I always look forward to new and exciting collaborations, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to partner up. I will send my Media Kit upon request. 

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