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Best Beaches in Albania

Planning your vacation around Albania and wondering which beaches you can't miss out on? You have come to the right place! In this article, I will share with you all the Albania's top beaches!

Short on time? Here is a list of the best beaches in Albania:

  • Gjipe Beach

  • Dhermi Beach

  • Jali Beach

  • Borsh beach

  • Ksamil

  • Vlore

  • Durres & Saranda (warning!)

At the end of the article, I have a clear map showing all the above-mentioned beaches!

Gjipe Beach

As the top one, I have to put Gjipe Beach! Purely for its unique location. To get to the beach you will need to hike for 30 minutes, so make sure you have comfortable shoes with you! The beach itself is set in a beautiful canyon with tall cliffs around it! The location is truly unique offering a more peaceful and natural beach experience compared to more popular tourist spots. The water is in amazing turquoise color and clear so you can do some snorkeling there. During the peak season on the beach, you will find a few beach bars.

Gjipe Beach is situated along the Albanian Riviera, positioned between the towns of Himara and Dhermi so you can either take a taxi from one of the towns or rent a car. This beach will be a perfect day trip due to the time you need to spend to get there.

The canyon surrounding the beach is not only beautiful but also offers opportunities for hiking and exploring. It has several small caves and interesting rock formations.

So to summarize - if you want a secluded and less crowded beach with beautiful nature around it, Gjipe Beach will be your top choice!

Dhermi Beach

Not far from Gjipe Beach is the Dhermi Beach. This beach comes with a lovely Dhermi Town. So Dhermi town could be a place where you stay and then you can enjoy several beaches around Dhermi. Dhermi Beach will not be as secluded as Gjipe Beach but you will have more options regarding restaurants, bars on the beach and in the town.

Dhermi Beach has a white pebbled shore and crystal-clear turquoise water so also great for snorkeling. In the peak season, you will also find different water activities offered, like boat rides and jet ski rentals.

Dhermi Town and Beach is a bit more popular destination, so you can get there by bus also!

Jali Beach

Also near Dhermi and Gjipe Beach is Jali Beach! Jali Beach is cherished for its relatively untouched and serene environment. It's less commercialized compared to other beaches like Dhërmi, offering a more peaceful beach experience.

Now putting together this guide I am realizing all the best beaches are more or less close to each other. I believe this area has the most beautiful coastline and the clearest water making all the beaches near Himare some of the best ones! The beach at Himare town is lovely too.

Another beach near Jali, that I can recommend is Livadi Beach, but that beach is quite huge and attracts loads of tourists during the peak season so could get more crowded than others.

Borsh Beach

Also near Himare, you will find Borsh Beach - the largest beach in Albania! Great for those who love long walks by the beach and loads of space. The beach is 30m wide so you will have plenty of space! The beach offers stunning views of olive groves, lush greenery, and the backdrop of mountains. Looking upwards, you can also spot the Borsh Castle perched on the hills above. Similar to Dhermi, Borsh Beach comes with Borsh Town giving you more options for restaurants and also you can stay in Borsh Town to explore surrounding beaches.


I couldn't make this list and not include Ksamil! Ksamil is the place you might have seen on Instagram compared to Maldives. I went there and I wouldn't say it is Maldives, but you do get white sand beaches and crystal-clear water there so I can see why people do use this comparison. The most popular is the main Ksamil beach but I also enjoyed Lori Beach which is quite a small one but has a lovely atmosphere.

Very popular is the Ohana Beach Bar but it was closed during my visit so I didn't get the chance to try it out! But I heard a lot of good comments from other travelers.


Vlore will be your best choice if you want to combine beach time with some city exploring as Vlore holds significant historical and cultural importance.

Vlore is known for its historical significance as the site where the Albanian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1912. The city has been an important harbor since antiquity and has a rich history that spans several empires and cultures. The city reflects a blend of cultures, with influences from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans, evident in its architecture and local customs.

There are several beaches around Vlore to choose from. The beaches around Vlorë range from popular, bustling shores with cafes and restaurants to more secluded spots offering tranquility and natural beauty.

Durres & Saranda

Alright, these two you will find on my blogs but let me get this straight - they do not have the best beaches! They are great as beach towns as they have loads of restaurants, beach bars, cafes, and entertainment for adults and kids so they are great locations where to base yourself but I believe if you have landed on this blog you are looking for the best beaches! So be careful from all the online gurus, as these 2 places are great as beach towns but they do not offer the best beaches!

If you are planning a trip around Albania, make sure to check out these 10 things you need to know before going to Albania!


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