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Best Places to Eat in Guatemala City

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I have no idea why Guatemala City Zone 10 hasn't been proclaimed as the foodie capital of 2023! This zone is full of amazing restaurants and offers such a variety.

In this article, I will present you the top 8 food places in Guatemala City - Zone 10!

3 food places that are 11 out of 10:

  • The best Mexican restaurant: Fridas

  • Perfect lunch spot: Del Griego

  • Best breakfast in Guatemala City: Graciela

Other amazing food places to try:

  • For Italian food: Tre Fratelli

  • For Sushi: Nacion

  • For an amazing fondu: Kloster

  • Cadejo Brewing Company

  • Zone 4: Outside Food Court

$$$ - Usually, when I do food blogs I categorize them by pricing but all the places on this blog are truly medium pricing. None of them are expensive or cheap eats. They all fall under the 'medium' category. In general, the value for money you get in Guatemala City is incredible. All meals mentioned (drinks included) are a bit below or around $10.

Also, all the places are in Zone 10!


I am mentioning this as the first one because it is the best restaurant of all the restaurants I have been to. I am neutral towards Mexican food, I like it as much as any other cuisine so I am not biased here. This place simply deserves all the praise! The service and the food are excellent. The quality of the food will take your taste buds to the next level. Best quality tacos I have ever had.

Menu: On the menu you will find all the standard Mexican dishes: tacos, burritos, and nachos. For drinks, they have a standard menu, but you can get 'jumbo' size cocktails!

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

Del Griego

I didn't know I was into Greek food until I visited this place. The reason why it caught my attention was that it was Greek food (I do not see many of those outside Greece) and the place was always full. Always, but especially during lunch. And once I tried it I knew why. The location is lovely, in the Fontabella shopping center so you have a Spanish courtyard vibe going around. The restaurant has a lovely Greek tavern design.

Menu: The menu has loads of options. Starting from classical Greek salad, hummus, and amazing seafood choices - octopus, calamari, etc. Apart from some traditional Greek dishes, I would say the menu is very Mediterranean styled.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly


The title of 'Best Breakfast in Guatemala City' I have to give to Graciela! It has all the perfect ingredients for a perfect breakfast place: an outside terrace, the best breakfast options, and mimosas!

2 reasons why this place stands out is because:

  • Any breakfast dish comes with coffee and juice so you will never really pay more than $10, unless you get carried away with the mimosas.

  • I do not know about you, but my biggest struggle in good places is picking the food because I want to try everything. Also, I want salty and sweet, especially when it comes to breakfast. So I am so glad this place solves this problem: they have the option to pick one toast (avocado, with egg, etc.) and a sweet option (fresh toast or waffles). So you get the best of both for a very good price.

Menu: On the menu, you will find different types of toast - with avocado, salmon, cottage cheese, eggs, tomatoes, etc. Of course, also omelets and fried eggs in different variations. French toasts and homemade waffles. And some local specials.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

Tre Fratelli

For a great vibe and amazing Italian food, I recommend Tre Fratelli. Located in the center of the Fontabella courtyard it is a perfect spot to enjoy Italian food and a lively atmosphere.

Menu: On the menu, you will find all the traditional Italian dishes.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

Nacion Sushi

For sushi, I recommend visiting Nacion Sushi. I tried the one in Zona 10 but they have several around Guatemala City as it is actually a Panamanian chain! I tried the place the first time in Panama and I loved it so I knew I have to try it in Guatemala too and it didn't disappoint.

Menu: On the menu, you will find loads of sushi options and also other Asian dishes. They even offer sushi pizza. The best part is they have cocktails promotions - 2 for 1!

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

When talking about sushi, I have to mention the most basic place you could imagine, but the sushi there is so good. It is one of the food stalls in the Oakland Mall - Mr. Sushi! Ready in 5 minutes and top quality!


I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of this place would turn out to be from Switzerland or that area. Because the fondue was that good. Really top quality. Also, the interior gave me complete Switzerland vibes. And yes we had both - cheese fondue to start and after chocolate fondue also.

Menu: You will find a variety of fondues - with meat, shrimp, and vegetarian. Also, different flavors, like wine, beer, and others. They also have salad in case you do not want to indulge yourself in cheese paradise. The chocolate fondue comes with strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

Cadejo Brewing Company

This place I have to highlight for its amazing garden. It truly gives beer garden vibes and is a great escape from the busy city. You can enjoy being on the terrace, watching sports and enjoying their own specialty beer. They only have IPAs. Whilst you can go there only for a drink, they also have a very special menu.

Menu: This menu will be a treat for all beer lovers. Just to give you an idea - mozzarella sticks fried in beer. And that is just one of their unique offers. Do not worry, if you are not into beer, they also have cocktails and dishes without beer flavors.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

Zone 4: Outside Food Court

One special place that I want to highlight that is outside Zona 10 is the Open Food Court in Zona 4. You will find it by the name: El Mercado Dealado. There are tables and chairs so after picking your food from around 10 different vendors you can enjoy a cool atmosphere in an open area. You will find loads of different options there, starting from Colombian dishes like Arepas to pizza, sushi, and different local goodies.

🌿 Vegetarian Friendly

I hope you will enjoy all these places as much as I did but if you want to learn more about the city, safe and dangerous areas, then check out this video:


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