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Best Presets for Travel Blog

Updated: Mar 20

Sometimes you plan the best trip and rain or clouds just do not represent the reality of the place. This is where presets for travel pictures come in handy!

In this article I will share with you my favorite presets I occasionally use for my travel pictures to enhance the true feel of the picture and do justice to the place.

All presets I pick from 123Presets! To get 15% extra off on any preset use my discount code: ALIKI15

From cloudy grey Machu Picchu to enhancing the greens and the mood

Preset: Classic

After 3 days of hiking the Salkantay Trek to get to Machu Picchu, we finally reached the destination and could see nothing! It was such a thick fog that we couldn't even see the Machu Picchu itself from the viewpoint. After waiting on the site for more than an hour it finally cleared up a little bit and we could see the wonder! But of course, the skies were still grey and clouds covered some parts. As I know it is probably the only time I am there I made sure to take loads of pictures but they all were dark, bluish, and completely did not represent the greens of the area and greys of the rocks. So, I decided to get some help with 'Classic' presets:


From different shades of blue to one color theme in San Blas Islands

I spent 2 wonderful days on the San Blas Islands but morning, day, and evening gave me 10 different shades of blue in my pictures. As I wanted to keep my Instagram feed in one color theme I decided to edit them all with 'Summer Breeze' presets:


From bland city vibes to vibrant streets of Mexico City

Preset: Vacay

I did a little shoot in Mexico City and although I was very lucky with the little traffic, we still had to rush to get the shot below and the colors just did not come out as I anticipated so I used the 'Vacay' presets:


From a rainy day in Costa Rica jungles to pictures with dramatic mood

Preset: Earth Tones

It was just one of those days where it simply did not stop raining. So I had to go for all the arrangements on that day embracing the rain. Although I had a fun day either way I did want to show the epic jungle scenery in my pictures and the originals just did not do the justice. So I used the 'Earth Tones' presets:

Drone pictures not always are perfect...

Although most times drone pictures are simply perfect as they are, sometimes the exposure is way too much. That is my most common struggle when photographing with a drone. Thankfully I have the presets that are great for removing the exposure:

On 123Presets you have loads of different presets to choose from but if you are not sure which one exactly to go with, they also offer different bundles! Remember, you can get 15% off extra using my discount code: ALIKI15

If you wish to create a wonderful photo book of your travels, Lay Flat Photobooks will be your best choice!


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