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Hotel GHM | Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, Spain

GHM Sierra Nevada Hotel Review

Let me start with the fact, that I have stayed there now 3 times! I am not saying it is the best hotel in Sierra Nevada, but it has all the things you need on a ski trip at an affordable price. Also, the fact that you can simply slide on the slopes from the hotel terrace wins me over every time.

  1. Location

  2. Parking

  3. Amenity

  4. Rooms

  5. Hotel Restaurant

  6. My Rating


The location is perfect for people who like practicality and love getting on the slopes first, as the hotel is located literarily next to the slopes and you can get on them by simply leaving the hotel and stepping on the slopes. No ski lifts are needed. Even if you want to start from the main square and entrances, you can always take the ski lift down to the village centre and the other way around. If you finish skiing and end up at the bottom of the slopes in the main square, you can take a ski lift up to the hotel as one of the stops are literally 2min walk away from the hotel. Just you need to buy and have the ski pass of course for that. I believe the location is great but the only problem that could arise is that all the nice restaurants are around the main square and ski lifts stop working at around 5/6 pm, so after a nice dinner you will need to walk up for 10min to get back to the hotel. The hotel offers a bar/restaurant itself so you might not even need to leave the hotel, but more about that in the later section.


The hotel offers inside and outside parking. You should be fine with outside one for 10 Euros a day, but in case they do not have any spots free, you might need to park inside for 15 Euros a day. If you decide to park somewhere on the street for free, you will struggle as it is extremely hard to find free parking in Sierra Nevada. So having this option is great, just you need to let the hotel know when booking that you will need parking as you need to reserve it in advance.


For me, the 3 main things that need to be at the hotel on a ski trip are: spa, bar, a place where to keep and dry tour equipment. This place has all 3. You need a jacuzzi and sauna after a ski day, it is a must-have, so in this hotel, you can book a private jacuzzi session for 15, 25 or 55 minutes with access to the sauna. The spa also offers massages. I have never tried massages there but the jacuzzi and sauna are great. Tea and cookies will be served during your spa session.

The bar is more like a bar and restaurant together. You can order food there but the menu is quite standard: pizza, burgers, hotdogs, salads and desserts. The food is ok if you are hungry but it is definitely not the most amazing gastronomical experience. The bar has an outside terrace, which is great when you come back and can have an ice-cold beer or wine served after a long day of skiing.

The ski room is available to hostel guests.

The best feature for convenience is actually the ski rental in the hotel. This means in the morning of your first day, you get your equipment without leaving the hotel and can go straight to ski. Easy as that. Same when you are done, you just come to the hotel, leave your rented equipment and can go to your room. The prices are a bit more than if renting at the main square, at the main entrance of the ski resort, but still not over the top. For convenience, we always rent there.


Rooms probably are the only thing I don’t like. They are very old and tired. They have super old-school radio in there, like not cool vintage, like this weird built-in one and other features that very old hotels have. The bar is new and modern but the rest of the hotel is a bit tired. I think if they would refresh the interior then it would be one of the best hotels in the area, but then probably it would be more expensive so would lose the ‘value for money’ status. Other than that the bathroom has everything you need, beds are comfortable, no complaints regarding the main things you need in the room.

Hotel Restaurant

Apart from the bar which is available to anyone, not only hotel guests, the hotel has its own restaurant serving breakfast and dinner. I can’t speak about the dinner as I have never tried, but we always have breakfast included in our booking. If you haven’t booked breakfast in advance, you can always pay 9 Euros and attend the breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet is good, you have options to choose from. Coffee is excellent, but the food I would rate an 8/10.

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