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Different Ibiza | Outside the season

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Ibiza always, at least for me, associates with parties on the beach and clubs, but turns out it can be a very chill and relaxing place too! You just need to travel outside the season, which is from October to April. I went there on a chilly spring day to escape work for a weekend. If you want to experience the Party Ibiza then the only time to go there is the season, which is from late May to September, when the weather is perfect and all clubs and bars are open. During the off-season only a few clubs are open. If you do fancy a bit calmer weekend to explore the Ibiza island, then outside season travelling is the right one for you.

In this article, find out the best things to do in Ibiza outside the season!

This will be nothing like your typical Ibiza itinerary.

  1. Travelling to Ibiza and getting around

  2. Ibiza Town

  3. Formentera

Travelling to Ibiza and getting around

Plane tickets from Spain to Ibiza outside the season are ridiculously cheap. You can even find a round trip for around 20 Euros and of course, all hotels are cheaper.

Getting from Ibiza Airport to the town centre is very easy. Take the number 10 bus, it literally stops at the entrance of the Airport and it will take you into Ibiza Town Centre. You can get off at any point as the stops are quite close to each other. Once in the Centre, if you have decided to stay in any other city, you can take a bus from the main bus station. The island itself is quite small so you can travel around the island with a hire car in one day. Cities and towns are walkable so if you have decided to stay in one city, like the Capital you don't even need a car.

I personally think renting a car is the best option, as then you can explore different beaches around the island. You can drive around the island easy in one day if you have a car, with a public bus not so much.

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is like the capital of the island. The official name is Vila d'Eivissa. In Ibiza Town, everything is within walking distance, so as long as you have booked the hotel in Ibiza Town you won't need a taxi. Just a note, all big famous clubs are spread out all over the island, so unless you are staying in one specific area you will anyway need to get a taxi to specific Ibiza clubs. All the lovely restaurants are down in the port, shops in the streets nearby. Typical Spanish bars and cocktail places are around the port and centre too. In Ibiza, you can find bars starting from boho shisha bars to stylish modern cocktail bars. Although some of the places in the town will be closed outside the season, all the above you can still find outside the season. You can still choose between Medditerian, Italian and other cuisine restaurants and bars, just the buzz will not be there, which actually wasn't that bad, as there was always a table available, no queuing. It really all depends on what you're after.

The beautiful Castle of Eivissa is located in the centre of Ibiza Town through which you can walk through and get quite high up. Once at the top you can see all of the Ibiza Town and amazing sea views. There you also can feel the history of the Ibiza island.

Beach Talamanca is very well rated and near Ibiza Town, so a good option if you are without a car and staying in the town centre.

The beaches, of course, are delightful, so if you catch a sunny day outside the season you can visit one of the most famous ones:








Even outside the season, there are clubs open all year round, we went to club “Heart”, which was quite close to the centre, only I would suggest you sign up before you go there, it will be cheaper.

This is completely and only my personal opinion, but I find Ibiza overly expensive so it has never really appealed to me to go there during the season as I know the prices are even higher during the season.


A great addition to your Ibiza weekend is Formentera island! It is the first place on the planet where I could hear complete silence. There is no Airport on the island so you can only get there by boat. From Ibiza with the fast ferry, it takes only 30 minutes. Island itself is quite small and you can explore it all just in a few hours and with bicycles. It is actually the most popular way how to explore Formentera Island but you can also rent a car or motorbike there. Rental places are very easy to find, they are literally every few meters from the port. I, of course, chose to rent a bicycle and it only cost me 8 Euros for the whole day.


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