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The best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Arequipa | Peru

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Arequipa surprised me with how many amazing vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants are there.

I have been traveling South America for 4 months now, and have found it extremely difficult to find healthy vegetarian options. So, arriving in Arequipa and finding all these excellent restaurants has allowed me to enjoy Peruvian cuisine.

Here are the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Arequipa that I tried and can highly recommend to every vegetarian.

Eco Brunch

Address: C. Bolivar 409, Arequipa 04001

Working Hours: 7.30am - 3pm. Open every day.

For vegetarians and vegans


This place is my absolute No.1 choice in Arequipa! I went there around 5 times during my trip. The prices are incredibly low for what you get. Definitely value for money.

The menu is mostly breakfast and lunch types of food.

Pasta Canteen

Address: C. Puente Grau 300, Arequipa 04001

Working Hours: 12.30pm - 9.30pm. Open every day.

For vegetarians


The best pasta in Arequipa for sure and really well priced. You can build your own pasta bowl with 2 free ingredients for 19 SOL (EUR 4.78 / GBP 4.04 / USD 5.05). If you want more ingredients then you will need to pay a bit more, but still, the end price won't be too much. Every pasta dish comes with salad and garlic bread.


Address: C. Bolivar 107, Arequipa 04001

Working Hours: 9.30am - 9pm. Open every day.

For vegetarians and vegans


This place is the cheapest vegan restaurant I have ever been to! It is incredible. For 11 SOL (EUR 2.77 / GBP 2.34 / USD 2.92) you get the 'menu of the day,' which consists of salad, soup, main, and dessert! The food is nothing out of this world, but it is healthy and good.

Prana Vegan Club

Address: C. Ugarte 109, Cercado 04001

Working Hours: 10am - 8.30pm. Closed on Sunday.

For vegetarians and vegans


This place I recommend because it offers all the traditional Peruvian dishes like Ceviche and Lomo Saltado just a vegan version, which is amazing as otherwise, we couldn't have been able to try these traditional dishes when in Peru.

The place has a lovely second-floor terrace and balcony with views of the Arequipa old town.

Prices were a bit more than the cheaper places above but still nothing too outrageous.

El Buda Profano

Address: Cl. San Francisco 217, Cercado De Arequipa 04001

Working Hours: 1pm - 10pm. Open every day.

For vegetarians and vegans


If you are looking for a sushi place friendly to vegetarians then this is the best place. They have different sushis with mango and other interesting ingredients. The place is a bit more to the expensive side but definitely worth one lovely dinner.

Oso Cafe

Address: C. Ugarte 207, Arequipa 04001

Working Hours: 9am - 10pm. Closed on Sundays

For vegetarians


As the final one I would love to mention this cafe as of course it will be by default friendly to vegetarians as offers cakes, brownies, and delicious coffee, but this place is also great for digital nomads wanting to find a place where to work. The atmosphere is very chill and the staff is friendly and helpful. The wifi is really good for working.

I have also gathered some of the best vegetarian-friendly traditional Peruvian delicacies you have to try when in Peru in this video:


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