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The Hat Madrid Hostel | Spain

The Hat Madrid Hostel Review

If you are a frequent traveller or a digital nomad looking for the best deals at the same time wanting comfort, ‘The Hat Hostel' is a great choice, as it offers private and shared rooms, is very clean and tidy and offers a great reception area where to work and meet other people.


The location is excellent. You can’t stay more central than this, as the hostel is literally by one of the main squares (historically THE main square) - Plaza Major. Metros are near and taxis usually pass by as it is one of the main roads. You can easily walk to all the main sights and party scenes.


I think there is a very small chance you will use a car in Madrid, but if you do, then there is no parking at the hostel.


The hostel offers all sorts of combinations, starting from 4 to 12-bed dormitories. You can also choose from girls or boys only types of rooms. The hostel also offers private rooms, but those will be a bit pricier. Rooms were clean and tidy, offering a little curtain for privacy and a charger next to your bed. I stayed in a 4-bed girl dormitory and couldn't be happier for what I got, for the price as we had a private bathroom inside our room.


The hostel offers a bar, rooftop terrace and a lovely reception where you can work as it is set up as a little co-working space. Internet was great in the hostel, so you shouldn’t have issues working there. The girls at the reception were nice and helpful. They do not give a key for the lockers, but you can purchase it for 1 Euro, I still use it for my other trips!

Food - Breakfast

The hostel offers breakfast which you can purchase when booking in advance or buy on the spot. It is a buffet type of breakfast, but I have to warn you, there are not too many options. Your standard cheese, ham and bread type of breakfast. Also coffee was horrible. I bought the breakfast the first morning but as you can imagine, I definitely didn’t purchase it the next day. Also, this one guy working behind the counter was extremely rude and grumpy but I understand he might just have had a bad day, and you might not face that attitude, as the rest of the team was great, but in case you do meet him, I warned you!

My Rating

To summarize - eat breakfast outside and you will have a great stay and co-working space.

The Hat Madrid Hostel:

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