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Tirana or Saranda? The better digital nomad place in Albania

Updated: Jan 8

While both locations offer completely different environments, it is important to go through all the aspects to see if Tirana or Saranda suits you as your next digital nomad base!

I spent a month in Tirana and a month in Saranda as a digital nomad so let me share with you my thoughts so you can decide for yourself!

Most important comparisons between Tirana and Saranda


The main difference is that Saranda is a chill beach town, mostly for tourists, You have some great things to do around, but mostly beach tourism. It is ideal for those who want to stay by the beach and have a beach town atmosphere.

Tirana is a bubbling hub, of great restaurants, culture, and entertainment. It is a big city where there is loads to do. You do not have a beach but you do have a lot of things to do around the city and beach is only a couple of hours drive away.

So really you need to decide if you want to be in a big city where everything is convenient or beach town vibes.

What both places have equally great

  • Both locations have excellent weather throughout the year. The summers are very warm. During the winter there are more rainy days but that is equal in both locations. Here are the average temperatures in both locations:

  • Both locations are cheaper than most places in Europe. Although accommodations are cheaper in Saranda, the life itself is more expensive in Saranda so these two factors equal each other.

  • From both places you can do loads of tourism, so both locations are equally interesting!

  • Both Tirana and Saranda have good wifi. It will be more common to find good wifi in Tirana, as some places in Saranda might not have as good one. But you can find good coffee shops with good wifi in both.

Saranda Pros and Cons


Tirana Pros and Cons


Which is the best digital nomad base in Albania?

For me personally, there is a clear winner - Tirana! After spending a month in each location I simply enjoyed Tirana's vibe much more. The people are friendlier, the food is better, and there is so much to do and see, in Tirana and around. If I would return back to Alabnia I would without a doubt pick Tirana again. I think it is a very good long-term base for digital nomads. Great value for money destination. Also loads of co-working spaces.

If you are planning your next move and want to prepare for your trip, make sure to check out these things you need to know before traveling to Albania!

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