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Skydiving Spain

I decided to give myself a gift on my Birthday - Skydiving!

Anticipated for a few years, I finally decided to go skydiving and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I highly, highly recommend it!

I went Skydiving with 'Skydive Spain' and I truly enjoyed it. I will share a bit of my experience and the video in case you are planning to do it with them and want to know more.

Skydive Spain has two locations - Seville in Spain and Algarve in Portugal. I did it in Seville. Although the views are nothing special, the whole process is so nerve-racking that even if I would have wonderful views, I would have completely blanked them out and just enjoyed the free fall. The moment when you are jumping out of the plane and free-falling is one of the most incredible feelings ever. For the views, you definitely need to go to Dubai and do it there.

You have two different altitude options to choose from - 10.000 and 15.000 feet. The price difference is not that much, so I definitely recommend doing 15.000 feet, as you will get a much longer free fall. With your jump, you can also purchase a person who will capture all the journey in a video and pictures. Here is their pricing.

The team is amazing. I know it is their job to chat with people so they get distracted and do not worry about the jump but I had really nice chats with a few people from the team who were then after with me on the plane and jumping too, just solo. They explain the process very clearly, warn you about things you should know so you can prepare better.

And most important - once you get on the plane there is no way back! You will be prepped and attached to your instructor before the plane kicks off, so once you go up, that is it, no going back! So just relax and enjoy the fall!


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