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Safest Areas to Stay in La Paz Bolivia

Updated: Apr 19

Planning your trip to Bolivia and wondering where to stay in La Paz? From convenience to safety, I got you covered! I will share with you some of the best places to stay in La Paz Bolivia.

After spending 2 amazing weeks in La Paz, I think the 2 main criteria you need to consider are the safety and cable car stations? Why? Because in La Paz the best public transport choice is the cable car. You not only can get everywhere with the system in place and avoid traffic jams (that are extremely common in the whole of South America) but also have an amazing way how to see the city.

So, based on the above, let's dive into the best areas to stay in La Paz Bolivia!


I have to start with my personal favorite, where I stayed - Sopocachi. Why?

The main reasons I would stay in Sopocachi if I would go to La Paz again:

  • One of the safest areas in La Paz, meaning you can go out for late dinners without worries, but of course, you always have to watch out for pickpockets.

  • Great cable car station nearby, depending on where you stay in the Sopocachi area it will be 5 to 10 minute walk to it.

  • Some great restaurant and hotel options as the area is popular among tourists.

  • Also, Sopocachi is quite a central location which gives the opportunity to walk to most places in the city. A walk to the downtown took me around 15 minutes. I would not walk too much in the late hours, I would take a taxi or cable car back, but I like to have the possibility to walk if I want to and not be stuck somewhere far away from anywhere.


So, to summarize I personally think Sopocachi is your best choice - fairly safe and conveniently located. The popular hostel chain Selina also has its hostel in the Sopocachi area. Also, quite a unique ambiance you can find in Greenhouse Bolivia.

As I mentioned, Sopocachi has its cable car station very conveniently located for you to be able to explore further parts of the city:


San Jorge

Quite similar to Sopochaci is the San Jorge area. Also, one of the safest options in La Paz.


As you can see from the map, San Jorge is located next to Sopochachi.

The differences between Sopocachi and San Jorge are:

  • San Jorge is just slightly a bit further to the East-South, which makes the walk to the downtown a bit longer.

  • Also, the area is more modern and filled with some luxurious options, like Ritz & Stannum Boutique Hotel & Spa.

  • The best thing about this area is the 'Chuqui Apu' cable car station. It connects 3 lines: the blue one that goes to the downtown, the yellow one, and the green one, that takes you to amazing rock formations. So 'Chuqui Apu' cable car station is a very convenient one to have nearby you.


La Paz Downtown

Convenience-wise, no doubt La Paz Downtown will be your best choice. But it is not the safest area in La Paz. I do have to mention it because it will definitely be on your list if you wish to explore La Paz City.

For who do I think La Paz Downtown will be a great choice? - For those traveling by bus, as the main bus station is located there, and for those looking for a cheap and convenient location. Also, for those who are short on time and only have one or two days to see the city and organize the tours to salt flats and Dearth Road. Because the Downtown is the place where tour agencies are mostly concentrated.

So let's summarize this and see the pros & cons.


  • Probably the most convenient location in La Paz (main bus station, the historical part of the city to explore, loads of tour agencies)

  • Cheaper accommodations, as several backpacking hostels are located downtown.

  • Has a cable car stop - 'Prado'.

  • Also, some of the best local restaurants you will find in downtown.


  • Not the safest area in La Paz. To clarify, during the day you will be alright. During the day there are a lot of people - locals and tourists. As I say in all my South America blogs, as long as you are surrounded by poeple you will fine. But also, as the downtown is the historical center and attracts most tourists visiting La Paz the pickpockets are mostly there. So be extra vigilant about your belongings when staying and exploring the downtown. I would not walk around in the late hours. If I would be coming back from my tours late, I would get Uber directly to my hotel.


If you wish to explore the city with a cable car, then the cable car stop you need to look for is 'Prado':



As you can see cable car can be a great way how to travel around the city. The stations are very clean, organized and have security guards so I really enjoyed not only using it practically but also to see the city. If you wish to find out the best cable car route to see all the best parts of city, make sure to check out my Cable Car Tour Guide! I not only offer you a great route to take but also comment on some practical tips to know.


Another area I can recommend is Miraflores. Also fairly safe as it is the business district. This might not be the most authentic part of the city but will be great for those who work and travel as you will be surrounded by several amazing coffee shops and co-working spaces. In general wifi and co-working options are not the best in Bolivia. Bolivia was the only country in South America where I found it a bit difficult to find good accommodation that also had good wifi (this of course if you are on a budget, the big hotels will have decent wifi). So in general in Bolivia, if you are a digital nomad pay extra attention to the wifi reviews.

So overall Miraflores has some great pros:

  • Fairly safe

  • Quite close to the main bus station and downtown

  • You will be surrounded by two cable car lines - blue & white

  • Great coffee shops around


In Miraflores area more common are apartment options rather than hotels. As the area is more popular among remote workers and those coming to La Paz for business. In Miraflores, you can find wonderful modern apartments with amazing views like the Sky Suites. But if you prefer to stay in a hotel then Hotel LP Columbus & Elegance Hotel are quite popular among travelers.

South District

My final recommendation is more for those who are planning to stay in La Paz for a longer period or simply prefer to stay in the safest area possible.

South District is the most affluent part of the city. Which means also the safest part of the city. The most popular areas to stay at are: Calacoto, La Florida, San Miguel, and Achumani.


Staying in the South District will give you a great sense of safety but it is a bit further out than the above-mentioned areas so it will take a bit longer to get around the city. Also, as the cable car stops working at 9pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekend, you will probably need to take an Uber a few times, which is an extra cost. Of course, also the accommodations are slightly more expensive.

So I would summarize South District in one sentence: If budget is not a problem and safety is a priority then South District might be a great choice for you!

Although I believe more authentic experiences you will find in the downtown and Sopochachi, the South District will also have plenty restaurants and nightlife venues to offer. The best place where to start will be San Miguel’s Avenida Montenegro.

Calacoto also offers one of the best hotels in La Paz - Atix Hotel. A beautifully designed hotel that offers a spa, restaurant, and amazing views.

To get a feel of what La Paz is all about, check out my La Paz Travel Video:

Safety in La Paz Bolivia

So reading this article, you might wonder is it safe to travel to La Paz? Absolutely! La Paz in Bolivia is safe for tourists. As long as you follow this guide and pick your locations and accommodation carefully. Like in any South American country, the more touristic the area the more pickpockets will be there. Pickpockets are extremely common in South America and La Paz in Bolivia is no exception. You have to be extra vigilant about your belongings, especially while in the downtown. Also, avoid wandering around in late hours and if you do, stick with busy squares and streets. Basically don't be the only person on the street. But I assure you, if you stick with tourist-friendly areas no real danger will get you. All the crazy stuff happens far away. So as long as you are not looking for trouble, you will be fine.

Said that I do need to mention one area - EL Alto. El Alto is so unique and special, any keen traveler will want to experience it. Most El Alto area is a massive open market where you will find not only fruits, vegetables, clothing, and more but also different services, like 'cleansing' services. It is a wild place that you might be keen to visit but I just want to warn you - be extra extra careful. This area actually is dangerous as it has high crime rates. I would recommend going there only with a local guide who knows where to go and what to avoid. Also extra pairs of eyes on your belongings.

If you are visiting La Paz and looking for some fun extreme outdoor activities, I highly recommend the bike ride through the Death Road! Also if you are in Bolivia, you can't miss out on the Salt Flats! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!


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