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Best places to visit in Colombia

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I traveled to Colombia for 6 weeks and here are the best places I think you should definitely visit!

Short on time? Here is a quick summary of the best places to visit in Colombia:

- Bogota

- Guatape

- Salento

- Cartagena

- Tayrona Park

- Minca


I believe any traveler should start their journey around Colombia in the capital - Bogota. By doing tours around the city you will learn so much about Colombia, its politics, and internal matters. This will make your further trip more insightful. Find everything you need to know in my Bogota Travel Guide.


Guatape is the most colorful town in Colombia. Every house is a work of art and the famous Penol Rock is there too! Take a trip to the lake region and enjoy the little town charm in Guatape!


My personal favorite place in Colombia is Salento! The Cocora valley there is absolutely amazing. One the most beautiful hikes I have ever done! Also, Salento is part of the big coffee triangle, a region where most of the coffee in Colombia is produced and is also home to some of the best quality. A visit to a coffee farm in Salento is a must-do! More about the coffee tours and Cocora valley, find in my Salento Travel Guide.

I plan and book my buses and flights between cities via Bookaway!


To feel a true Colombian-Caribbean vibe, you have to visit Cartagena. It is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Colombia. A city that has still maintained its colonial heritage and at the same time has a fresh modern touch to it! History, culture, and beach time - Cartagena has it all! More about the different areas and things to do in Cartagena find in my Cartagena Travel Guide.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona Park is one of the most incredible National Parks in Colombia. The area is untouched and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. To get to them though, you will need to hike! Read here on how to get to all the amazing beaches in Tayrona Park!


To feel the true jungle and mountain vibe in Colombia you have to visit Minca! Minca is a little cute town up in the mountains, just an hour's drive away from Santa Marta. The area is famous for its waterfalls, hiking trails, and relaxed vibe. A popular place for yoga and meditation retreats. All the things you can do in Minca find in my Minca Travel Guide!

If you are currently preparing for your trip to Colombia, I highly recommend checking out this article and video: 25 things you need to know before traveling to Colombia!

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