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Colca Canyon Trekking | Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 30

In this article, I just want to quickly summarize everything you need to know before trekking Colca Canyon.

There are a few things I wish I knew before going on a tour to Colca Canyon and things I might have done differently. So I hope the notes below will help you plan your trip better!

  1. Booking Colca Canyon Tour

  2. How many days shall I do?

  3. What to prepare with me to Colca Canyon

  4. Doing Colca Canyon Yourself

  5. My Colca Canyon Trekking Trip

Booking Colca Canyon Tour

The most popular place from where to go to Colca Canyon is Arequipa.

So unless you have a very special route in mind, do it from Arequipa as it will be the shortest ride compared to other big cities.

Do not worry about booking in advance. Firstly, do not book online. Come to Arequipa and book with one of the agencies. Booking online will always be more expensive. There are several agencies around the main square so just pick the one that you like the most or who gives the best offer! The average price for 2-day trekking is 180 SOL (~ 46 EUR / 39 GBP / 48 USD).

How many days shall I do?

The 2 most popular trips are 2-day or 3-day trips!

I did 2 days but some friends of mine did 3. When we compared our trips, turned out we did the same route. The only difference is that on the 2-day trip you do around 20km on the first day, but on the 3-day trip you do around 10km on day one and then another 10km on day 2, also you stay in 2 different camps.

So I think if you are short on time, a 2-day trip is completely enough. If you want a more relaxing trip then a 3-day trip is more for you. Although I have to say I absolutely loved the 2-day trip, we did hike a lot but we still had some free time in the evening and did not feel like the trip is rushed.

What to prepare with me to Colca Canyon

Do not take too much! You will be trekking all the time with your bag and everything in it. There is no luggage service taking care of your bags. So less is better!

Apart from some change clothes, you will want some snacks and a lot of water. There are a few stops on the way where to top up snacks and water so do not take too much, but the first part has no stopping points so you want some for the first part.

If you are doing this trip during the wet season, then definitely take a raincoat with you. If you are doing this trip during the dry season, then definitely bring sunscreen, and I warn you it will get very hot during the day. Also, it is extremely cold at night and early morning so you definitely need warm clothes with you too.

Doing Colca Canyon Yourself

Yes, you can do a Colca Canyon trek yourself. You will need to get public transport to the park or you can actually organize that you go with a group but pay only for the transport. So once you reach the park you just continue on your own and then, of course, arrange it for the back way.

The trek is very straightforward and I don't think there is a big chance for you to get lost. Worst case follow a group of people, as there are many people every day doing this trek with a guide.

There are several camps on your way where to stay but if you will be doing 2 days then the goal probably is to get to and stay in the oasis - Sangalle! There you will find several camps where to stay, just pick the one you like!

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My Colca Canyon Trekking Trip

I absolutely loved this experience. It was definitely the hardest hike I have done so far in South America as the final day (on a 2-day or 3-day trip) is absolutely insane. The whole way is just up the Canyon. I am not going to lie, I was extremely close to giving up. But moments like this challenge you and shows how strong you are. Definitely a mental and physical challenge! Also an extremely beautiful hike. Definitely, a must-do in Peru!

Here is my Colca Canyon Trip:

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