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South America is where nature's grandeur meets age-old traditions. From dense rainforests alive with mysteries, to towering peaks and sprawling coastlines, every landscape tells a story. Dive into vibrant cities, embrace serene natural retreats, and trace the footsteps of ancient civilizations. In this guide, you'll unearth the raw beauty and diverse cultures that make South America a traveler's dream. I had the pleasure of embarking on a 6 months journey around South America so allow me to provide you with all the tips & tricks for your perfect trip. Let the adventure begin!

Make sure you have everything you need! 
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Find the most amazing locations to add to your list!
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Be ready and do not
make my mistakes!
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Who is Aliki?

I'm an adventurous female travel blogger, always on the lookout for new amazing places to explore. Travel is my lifelong passion, and I'm excited to share my discoveries with you.


Expect informative content, unique experiences, and tips to make your trips unforgettable!

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After spending 6 months in South America I decided to continue for 6 more in Central America where emerald rainforests meet turquoise seas and ancient ruins rise amidst vibrant cities. A mosaic of cultures, wildlife, and landscapes awaits, promising an adventure that's as diverse as the region itself. 

From rainforest magic in
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To paradise islands in
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Let me show you the most incredible experiences!
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