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Nerja | My favourite place in Spain

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

In this article, you will find the best things to do in Nerja!

In Andalusia, on the Costa del Sol you can find a lovely town called Nerja that not only has one of the best beaches in Spain but a lot of cool nature spots where to hike too!

There you can enjoy relaxing days at the beach and sporty hikes up in the mountains and through the rivers, as well as kayaking and supping. I spent 2 amazing days in Nerja and managed not only to chill at the beach and have a very lovely evening in the town but do the river walk and kayaking too. (Updated: I like this place so much I returned the next summer)

  1. How to get to Nerja

  2. Best things to do in Nerja

  3. Where to stay in Nerja

  4. Video

How to get to Nerja

The best and closest airport to Nerja is Malaga one. From there you can rent a car and within 40 minutes you should arrive in Nerja. The road is easy to navigate, you just need to get on the main highway to Granada and from there follow signs to Nerja.

Another option is to get a bus up there. Luckily there is a direct bus from the airport to Nerja. Alsa provides the transfer. The ticket costs around 5 Euros and buses go several times per day. Jere is the timetable!

A more convenient and comfortable way how to get from Malaga airport to Nerja is by airport transfer. Solhop is an established company in the area and will take care of getting you from the airport to Nerja and also back once your trip is over. You can easily book on their website but you do not need to pay anything in advance, only on the day!

Best things to do in Nerja

River Walk – This definitely was the coolest hike I ever had, literally all way you are walking in the river. You can start the hike at a few points, if you do start from the city then it will totally take you approx 8h. Be prepared, make sure you have comfy hiking shoes that you are not scared to get wet as the water can go as high as up to the knees. More about the hiking route find here:

Kayaking or/and SUPing – A very popular activity in Nerja is kayaking and supping at the Burriana beach. You can rent them easily on the beach for as many hours as you want. We paid 10 EUR per person for an hour for the kayaking. You can join in groups and be guided around with the local guide for kayaking, but that will cost you a little bit more and I would recommend booking the time in the morning before the high season.

Burriana Beach – This beach is the main and the most popular beach in Nerja. At some point, it is divided by rocks, but it covers a big area, guaranteeing that you will find a spot. Beach is quite stony, but clean and with a few beach bars on the side.

Mountain Hiking/Climbing – This is something we didn’t have enough time to do and I personally wouldn’t suggest doing it in the summer heat, but I am sure we will return back for a big hike in the autumn there. The highest and most popular peak to climb is the ‘El Cielo’. More about hiking up there read here:

Balcon de Europe – Located in the city centre, it offers an amazing panoramic view of the whole coast.

Where to stay in Nerja

Nerja itself is quite small and everything is more or less central. Unless you book completely on the one side of the city, you should be able to get everywhere within walking distance.

If the main reason you are visiting Nerja is the beaches, then definitely stay around Burriana beach as it is the best beach in Nerja, also offering kayaking, sup and other water activities. Around Burriana beach, you will also find many holiday rentals in case you are planning a longer trip.

If nightlife is important for you, then I definitely recommend staying near 'Tutti Frutti' square, which is a very busy party square and also some big clubs are in that area.

I personally recommend staying as close to the city centre (Balcon the Europa) as possible. because then you will get the beach on one side, party street on the other and many wonderful restaurants just outside your hotel. I stayed in Mena Plaza and highly recommend this hotel as it has a hot tub, swimming pool and a bar on the rooftop! Detailed hotel review find HERE

More about my days in Nerja check out in this video:


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