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Flying in Latvia | Siguldas Adventures | Aerodium & Zērglis

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Below is all the information about ziplining in Sigulda and how to learn to fly with Aerodium!

While visiting back home in Latvia, my friends made sure I am having the best time. Birthday surprises like the below ones I never ever expected. They truly know me very well by making my visit so special and adventurous!


Dream about flying - check!

The feeling at that moment is just incredible and indescribable! But how it was possible? Aerodium is a vertical wind tunnel that creates a wind stream in which you can actually fly. By following instructions and changing body position, the laws of aerodynamics let you rise in the sky and perform various movements. No previous experience is needed, and you can start as young as 4 years old. The better you get, the higher the instructor will let you fly! Many thanks to the team that made it happen! More about it:


A little bit more relaxed is an adventure "Zerglis", aka Zipline. It is a zipline over one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia - Sigulda. The difference between zipline and this one is that you only go halfway, so the adventure doesn't stop there, you get pulled back by a cable car so you can enjoy the nice swing over the river Gauja, which is the biggest river in Latvia. If you are scared of heights it is definitely not for you! I loved it, it was fun and chill and enjoyable at the same time :) More about it, prices and booking you can find in this link

Sigulda Adventure

Both of these are located in Sigulda or the surrounding area. Sigulda Adventures includes more activities, not only these two. The next one on my list is bungee jumping! All offered activities see on their web page

Fly with me in my Sigulda Adventure vlog:


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