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What to Bring On Your Seaside Trip to Tarifa, Spain

There are many things you can do during a trip to Spain. From visiting prominent landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and Museo Nacional del Prado to seeing a flamenco show in Seville, the entire country is packed with activities for every traveler to enjoy. But if you're an adrenaline junkie who likes wandering off the beaten path, a visit to the laid-back beaches of Punta Paloma near Tarifa in the South of Spain might be what you're looking for. 

In my previous travel guide to Tarifa, I highlighted some of the things you can do in the area, such as kitesurfing, whale watching, and my favorite activity: hiking. There's much to do and see in the area, and if you want to plan your own trip, then here’s a short guide to what you should bring on your seaside trip to Tarifa.


A seaside trip would not be complete without sunscreen, especially if you plan on staying on the beach for long periods of time. Wearing sunscreen is also essential if you’re hiking along Tarifa’s coastal trails like Faro de Camarinal or Sendero Colada de la Costa. This enables you to protect your skin from the risks of too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can lead to sunburn or other serious problems like premature skin aging and skin cancer. Opt for sunscreen with at least SPF 50, which offers 95% protection from UV light. The Uriage Bariesun is a good option with SPF 50 to protect your skin during an adventure. 


When you're by the seaside, it isn't just your skin that's in danger of sunburn. Your eyes are also at risk of getting overexposed to UV rays, which can reflect off the water and later lead to vision problems like photokeratitis. This is why sunglasses are a travel essential, especially in the sunnier seasons in Tarifa. Try online retailer Sunglass Hut, which offers several brands and frame options that cater to your needs – whether you’re looking for a pair that’s fashionable, functional, or both. If you need a specific recommendation, try out Oakley’s OO9448 Sylas and OO9225 Canteen, which have UV protection and a secure, comfortable fit that allows them to stay in place during activities like kitesurfing. Their lenses are also polarised to block horizontal light from entering your eyes and improve color and depth perception.

Action Camera 

Documenting your adventures allows you to preserve memories that you can look back on from time to time. But if you’re going to engage in water activities like surfing or whale watching, regular phone or DSLR cameras won’t cut it. Make sure to invest in a good action camera during your trip to the waters of Tarifa. Unlike regular cameras, an action camera with proper dive housing equipment like the GoPro HERO12 can be waterproof up to 60m/197ft., allowing you to capture moments without worrying about water damage. These smaller cameras are also easy to pack and have attachments that make them easy to bring along during intense activities like windsurfing. 

Waterproof Mobile Phone Bag

If you want to try Tarifa’s famous windsurfing or kitesurfing activities but don’t want to leave your phone behind, then a waterproof mobile phone bag is for you. This can protect your phone from water damage during aquatic activities. The AquaVault Waterproof Phone Pouch is a great option because it has a unique rolling ziploc system and an additional double velcro locking system to ensure maximum phone protection. It also has a floating airbag which enables your phone to float if you accidentally drop it in the water.

A seaside trip to Tarifa is one for the books, so be sure to pack these essentials for a more enjoyable travel experience. For more things to do and see Tarifa check out my Tarifa Travel Guide!


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