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Coron | Palawan | The Philippines

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In this article, you will find out how to get to Coron, what to do and see there!

Coron is nothing like any other place I've been to! It's wild and natural but I really enjoyed my stay there. The best way to explore Coron island and its surroundings is by private boat.

Don’t save a few pesos, really, by paying a bit more you can get a whole lot more!

  1. How to get to Coron

  2. Once you are there

  3. Must do in Coron

  4. Video

How to get to Coron

The easiest way to get there is by plane. Flights from Manila and other islands are flying regularly. There are 3 airports on Busuanga Island, the main one is called Francisco B.Reyes Airport (USU), from here you can easily get to Coron town. If you are travelling around the islands, then getting a ferry from other islands is easy too. The most popular place that people take a ferry to Coron is from El Nido.

Once you are there

If you travel by plane, after landing you will exit the airport and a lot of people will ask you, 'where are you staying?' Don’t worry! You can tell them, as they are just arranging shuttles for your convenience. A shuttle costs 150 PHP (2.50 Euros) and will take approx. 20-30 min to get to the town. Once you are there, the town is very small, you can get everywhere by walking, but in case your hotel is a bit outside the town, then there is a lot of places offering to rent out scooters or motorbikes.

Regarding accommodation, you can get everything there, starting from very simple places for 5 Euros per night to fancy hotels with all the extras.

Tours, renting, etc. you will find easily on the main road of the town.

Note: If you are under tight travel schedule then Corona is a place you can explore in one day. That is without travelling there and back.

Must do in Coron

Definitely go on a boat tour around the islands. Personally, I suggest renting a private boat, because:

1. You get to all places outside typical tourist hours, so you get to see and experience the places quietly and without tourist groups

2. You chose where you want to go and what to see, of course, your guide will suggest and recommend the best routes if you are not that familiar with the area

3. You can stay on the islands as long as you want, if you feel like having a nap on a beach – go for it! You are in no rush, you can enjoy the places for however long you want

My top 3 spots during our island tour were:

1. Kayangan lake

2. White Sand Beach (yes that’s the actual name)

3. Ouin Lagoon

And much suggested is ‘Barracuda Lake’ and ‘Twin Lagoon’!

After your boat trip or if you are staying longer than on the next day try to do the steps up to Mount Tapyas, the sunset from there is mesmerizing!

I have put together a video of my trip to Coron where you will see all the above mentioned:


You can also explore how to help local communities, for example, I got in touch with the 'Green Army Philippines' organization, which helps the local communities live a sustainable life and clean the beaches. More about them read here:

or watch this video:

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