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Bali - is all that buzz worth it?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I must admit I have mixed feelings about Bali. I simply found it too touristic.

In this article, you will find my honest opinion about Bali.

Don’t take me wrong, there are a lot of nice places in Bali, temples and waterfalls to visit. I still had a good time and I am pleased I experienced and was able to visit Bali and see more of Indonesian culture, but it just didn’t give me that amazing travel feeling I get elsewhere. I tried to visit and see some of the main parts of Bali but the more I walked, the more tourists got in my way so eventually, I just gave up and ended up surfing most of the time, as waves are very good there for the beginners.

So for me, as a traveller, this place didn’t even make it to my ‘top 10 places I have visited’! The beaches were not that great. Most of the beaches are black sand or just rocks. I also found beaches quite dirty. The rubbish problem is a big problem in general in Asia so Bali is no expectation. Probably only if you stay in a fancy hotel, then the hotel cleans around it a bit.

You know a place is too touristic when every single local person tries to scam you and get money out of you.

Most of the temples are set up for tourists, they are actually not real temples, just statues for tourists. So please research the exact temples you want to visit.

Prices are higher than elsewhere in Asia as people selling stuff on the streets know that tourists will spend more. Even the cafes are more expensive, can reach European and Australian prices.

Despite the fact, that I think Bali is totally overtaken by tourists and the vibe really is not for me, the place has some amazing waterfalls and other things to do. Here are some I really enjoyed:

Learn how to surf! Bali has good waves for beginners. The best place so far – Kuta. After you have learned how to surf you can rent the board and practice on your own, as it isn’t that dangerous.

If you are into epic views, you can do the Volcano walk early in the morning before the sunrise and watch the sunrise from the top! There are a lot of agencies offering this tour.

Check out the waterfalls! Bali is rich in them and you can find them in the different parts of the island. There are few in one of the most popular spots in Bali – Ubud, but the most impressive ones are up in the North part.

As far as I know, the best parties are at the Canggu and Seminyak. Both places are quite close to each other so you can simply stay in one area and party every night at a different club. In those places, you will find nice beach clubs during the day too.

I didn't feel like making a vlog this time as I wasn’t feeling the place, so I simply put together some bests shots I had from the trip and posted on Instagram TV, so check that out on Instagram - @aliki_travel_blog !!

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